BA (Hons) Degree at "The National Center for Circus Arts", London, UK 40h/week


BIAC, circus teaching diploma, Balthazar, Montpellier, France


Professional training in Balthazar’s circus school, Montpellier, France


Aerial and dance workshop in Balthazar’s circus school, Montpellier, 60h


Professional training in Zofy’s circus school, Sion, Switzerland, 30h/week


Training in different circus schools in Switzerland








Impact Artist themed nights: swinging trapaze, aerial hoop, syncronised silks and spanish web through the all month of December including NYE in Weston-Super-Mare, UK

18th of November, Variete with Pepper-Choc, static and duo trapeze, Weilmunster, DE

27, 28 and 29th of July, singing trapeze acts in "Camp Bestival" with Cirque Bijou, Lulworth, UK

7 and 8th of June, show: "Fishes Have Wishes" with Pepper-Choc, swinging and duo trapeze, Cirque en Scène, Niort, France

"Mammatus" outdoor show with Pepper-Choc, swinging trapeze, duo trapeze:

  • 28th of May, festival Emergence, Onex, Switzerland

  • 11th of June, festival La rue aux Enfants, Bernex, Switzerland

  • 9th of July, Vallorbe, Switzerland

  • 1st of August, Moudon, Switzerland

  • 5th of August, Fribourg, Switzerland

  • 6th of August, Founex, Switzerland

  • 13th of August, Martigny, Switzerland

  • 18,19 and 20th of August, Festival des Artistes de Rue, Vevey, Switzerland

  • 1st of September, Rueyre, Switzerland

"Home Made" outdoor show with Circus Marcel, duo swinging and triple trapeze:

  • 20th of May, Tournai, Belgium

  • 21st of May, Festival Kokopelli, Gullegem, Belgium

  • 21,22 and 23rd of July, Festival Cirque Plus, Brugges, Belgium

  • 10th of August, De Donderdagen, Ninove, Belguim

  • 26 and 27th of August, festival CIRK!, Aalst, Belgium

  • 9th of September, Nocturne, Merksem, Belgium

  • 10th of September, Les Automnales, Cousy le Château, France

  • 17th of September, festival Gravenhof, Hoboken, Belgium

22-23rd of April, swinging trapeze act in "ZAT" festival, Montpellier, France


5th of October, « Madacircushow » double trapeze act, Antananarivo, Madagascar

24th of September, CCAS'70th birthday, swinging trapeze act with Balthazar, Cape d’Agde, France

8th-11th of September,« Bestival » swinging trapeze act with Cirque Bijou, Isle of Wight, UK

« Mammatus » aerial outdoor show with company Pepper-Choc :

  • 9th of June, festival in Bienne, Switzerland.

  • 11th and 12th of June, in Belfort, France

  • 28th of June, Camping le Terroir in Présilly, France

  • 6th and 7th of July, Site de Montassé in Crissier, Switzerland

  • 9th of July, Place d’Armes in St-Prex, Switzerland

  • 10th of July, Salle polyvalente in St-George, Switzerland

  • 16th of July, Camping des Iris in Yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland

  • 17th of July, Place Knie in Aigle, Switzerland

  • 20th of July, Manège de Colombier, in Colombier (NE), Switzerland

  • 23rd of July, Place de l’Hotel de Ville in Yvonand, Switzerland

  • 9-13th of August, Port de Plaisance in Yvoire, France

  • 28th of August, Parc Marignac in Geneva, Switzerland

25th of June,« Fishes Have Wishes » circus show by Pepper-Choc's company in St- Mathieu de Tréviers, France


"Evenement'ciel" with collectif Dix par Etre:

11th of December, Mas Tolosa, France

11th of December, Saint Jean, France

"Cabaret Dolce Noel" with the collectif Dix Par Etre:

9th of December, Jacou, France

17th of December, Roques sur Garonne, France

20th of December, Cessernon-sur-Orb, France

23rd of December,Alban Minville, France


"Fishes Have Wishes" with Pepper-Choc, Alfred Ve Dvore theater, Prague, October

 “Nieuw Programma/Nouveau Programme” with Circus Marcel:

3, 4 and 5th of March, La Piste aux Espoires, Tourai, Belgium

10, 11 and 12th of April, De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper, Belgium

26, 27 and 28th of June, Perplx, Marke, Belgium

21, 22 and 23rd of August, Cirk!, Aalst, Belgium



        “Circus Marcel” 5 months residence for a new show, double swinging trapeze, triple trapeze in Belgium



             “Circus Dziva” swinging trapeze, 5 month touring in Belarus May-September

           “Canesten” flying trapeze cover for advert, London, April

             “Aeronaute cabaret in Acton” static trapeze, London, April

          “Fun Fatale Festival” double trapeze, Prague, Czech Republic, March

            “Cabaret in Kingston” static trapeze, London, March

             “Trapeze double” for Frankenstein, FOX Production, London, February/ March



"Midnight in Monte Carlo" trapeze, hoop and silks act during all the month for Impact Artist, Epping, UK, December

"Collectif and then... cabaret" duo trapeze on a boat, London, UK, September

"Cirque des années 30" trapeze and handstand hangabout for Lumen, Novartis, Nyon, Switzerland, August

“Fishes Have Wishes” with Pepper Choc:

                         11th of June Waldorf school, Confignon Switzerland

                         17, 18 and 19th of June, Prévérenges beach

                         23rd of June, Diabolo Festival, Beausobre theatre with circus Coquino

                         28th of June, “LeZartiCirque” circus school, Ste-Croix Switzerland

                         7th of July, SO Festival, Skegness, UK

                         13th and 14th of July, Shoreditch Frestival, London, UK

                         3rd and 4th of August, SIRF, Stockton, UK

                         7th of September, Mirages Festival, Orbe, Switzerland

                         14th of September, Jackson’s Lane Theatre, London, UK

“Energy in Harmony” with Pepper Choc, 40min length show performed at “Fun Fatal Festival” in Prague.

“Midnight in Monte Carlo” Christmas parties event, trapeze, silks and aerial hoop, Watford, London UK



“Circus Gerbola tour” from February to November, swinging trapeze and silks, in average 12 shows a week, touring all over Ireland.

“Black fire new years eve’s ” trapeze shows, Copenhagen, Denmark



“Midnight in Monte Carlo” Christmas parties event, double trapeze, silks and rope at the Royal Highland Center, Edinburgh, UK       

“Formula one after party” aerial shows at the LAP lounge, Delhi, India

“BT, Cirque du Shine” swinging trapeze piece and flying trapeze reception piece, London UK

“Shorditch Unbound Festival” swinging trapeze act, London, UK

“The Other Road”  graduation show directed by Rishi Trikha, performed at “Watch This Space” festival at the National Theatre in London and at “Latitude” festival, Suffolk, UK

“A Zany creature” static trapeze act performed at Jackson’s Lane theatre, Stratford Circus and on “Collectif and then…”’s boat, London, UK

“Personas” devised piece presentation at The Circus Space, London, UK

“Circus Marcel Vanderborght” new year cabaret show , Rumes, Belgium



“Message pour dire” circus show on a boat with “Collectif and then…” on the canal du midi, France

“I came to live out loud” ensemble show directed by Joyce Henderson, Circus Space, London, UK



“Festival des Artistes de Rue” 20 min of street show, Vevey, Switzerland



“Espoir de la piste” trapeze act performed at Circa’s festival, Auch, France



Creation collective with Balthazar, performed in “Printemps des Comediens”’s festival in Montpellier, France



“Circle” with Balthazar extract of a show presented for the FEDEC at Circa’s festival, Auch, Fr

“Circus’s National Meeting” in Cherbourg, France








Teaching in Coquino's circus school, Morges Switzerland

Teaching in Balthazar circus school (youth and professional program), Montpelier, France 


Teaching in Coquino’s circus school and Ecole de Cirque de Lausanne, Switzerland

Teaching in Jackson’s Lane Youth Circus, London UK


Teaching in a circus camp, for the MJSR, Switzerland, 2 weeks


Teaching in Coquino’s circus school, Morges, Switzerland


Teaching workshops and classes for Balthazar circus school, France


Teaching in Zofy’s circus school, Sion, Switzerland







Divers dance courses & workshops, ballet, contemporary, street dance…


Role in different theatre pieces, Steiner school, Lausanne, Switzerland


Gymnastics, Renens, Switzerland


Rudolf Steiner School, Lausanne, Switzerland


Linguistic exchange, New-York, USA, 5 months



Driving license BE (towing license) UK



French and English: fluent, German: basic