Lucie Lepoivre graduated from "The National Center For Circus Arts" (London) in 2011, specialized in swinging trapeze. She  also does duo swinging trapeze, duo trapeze and static trapeze.

She is currently working with the company "Pepper-Choc" with their oudoor show Mammatus, and the company Circus Marcel with their outdoor show "Home Made".

Since graduating she went on tour with circus Dziva in Belarus and circus Gerbola in Ireland. She created the company "Pepper Choc" in collaboration with Isabelle Schuster. She took part of divers creative projects and shows. She also worked for a number of corporate events which took her all around the world. Lucie's own work mixes elements of physical theatre with aerial to create character work, which is both touching and humorous.

Lucie owns an outdoor rig suitable for swinging trapeze.

She has her own transport van, and caravan.

She also is an experienced circus teacher. She has been teaching in various places and country to all ages. She regularly comes to teach in "Coquino" circus school in Switzerland.